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Personality Adjectives

Common adjectives for describing someone's personality

personality (noun): a person's character or the traits that make one person different than another

Personality adjectives are adjectives that can be used to describe someone's personality. Everyone has a different personality and personalities can be described in many different ways. If someone asked you to describe a person, if they asked you "What is he/she like?" then you would answer with one or more personality adjectives.

There are two main types of personality adjectives, positive and negative. Positive personality adjectives are adjectives that describe a good aspect of someone's personality. Negative personality adjectives are adjectives that describe a bad aspect of someone's personality.

For example, you may know someone who you would describe as nice. This person is a nice person. Nice is a positive personality adjective as it names a feature of their personality that people usually think is good. On the other hand, you may know someone else who you would describe as nasty. They are a nasty person. Nasty is a negative personality adjective because it names a bad feature of someone's personality.

Let's find a few examples for another personality adjective. Generous is a positive personality adjective. If someone is generous it means that they like to give things away or share them when they don't have to. We can use generous in a number of different sentences.

• Lucy is generous. She is a generous person.
• Max has a generous personality.
• Sally has always been generous. She would never be stingy.

Positive personality adjectives

brave - someone who isn't afraid of danger
"John is very brave. He climbed a tree to save a cat."

clever - someone who is intelligent or who is good at thinking things through
"Isabel is clever. She always gets good marks at school."

kind - someone who is caring and friendly towards others
"Alex is kind to me. He always asks me how I was."

lucky - someone who is unusually fortunate
"People often say I'm lucky. Whenever I play the lottery, I win something."

polite - someone who has good manners
"My mother says Alice is more polite than me. I think she's too polite."

wise - someone who makes good decisions and gives good advice
"Robert is a wise old man. I could listen to his advice all day."

Negative personality adjectives

lazy - someone who does no work
"Stephanie hasn't had a job in twenty years. She's too lazy!"

aggressive - someone who is too angry and too forceful
"Philippa is often aggressive. She shouts a lot and threatens people."

rude - someone who is not polite, who is impolite
"John never says please or thank you. He's so rude!"

stupid - someone who is not at all clever
"Sally is stupid. She never understands anything I say."

unlucky - someone who is not often fortunate
"Kevin is so unlucky, he bought a hundred raffle tickets and didn't win one prize."

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